Wonder Forest

“The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness” -John Muir   Mile high, endless void right above the clouds, near the stars, struggling for every breath as the trail gets stepper. This could sum my experience on “Stara Planina” but story goes on. First impression was breathtaking, “only” 5 hours from my … Continue reading Wonder Forest


While traveling thru typical Tuscan landscape and imagining every scene from the movie Gladiator, with countless wynyard’s, narrow roads and idyllic scenery, you can`t be prepared for the things to come. This is Siena, this is gothic and unbelievable. Small town that has a lot to offer with its rich an interesting history. Once a … Continue reading SIENA

Field of Dreams

A beautiful and frisk sunrise, sky is like a cocktail of exotic flavors and vivid colors. Orange, red and blue, big city mist slowly rising above horizon waking the birds and other little creatures and together singing a good morning song to ourselves, to you, to our magnificent planet earth. We should always think of our … Continue reading Field of Dreams