While traveling thru typical Tuscan landscape and imagining every scene from the movie Gladiator, with countless wynyard’s, narrow roads and idyllic scenery, you can`t be prepared for the things to come. This is Siena, this is gothic and unbelievable. Small town that has a lot to offer with its rich an interesting history. Once a … Continue reading SIENA

Field of Dreams

A beautiful and frisk sunrise, sky is like a cocktail of exotic flavors and vivid colors. Orange, red and blue, big city mist slowly rising above horizon waking the birds and other little creatures and together singing a good morning song to ourselves, to you, to our magnificent planet earth. We should always think of our … Continue reading Field of Dreams

No color, just essence

Question for you, can you imagine a world without color? I am always trying to answer the same question, with one part of me manically obsessed with everything B&W – photos, movies, clothes, design…. B&W is a universal value, answer for many fashion styles, interior designs, esthetics and legendary movies. If your subjects are eternal… … Continue reading No color, just essence

Bohemian Crusaders

  Imagine late winter night, blizzard outside, snow is falling relentlessly yet you are in warm place, sitting in a corner and sipping a short drink while remembering a good old times. Bohemianism is the word, long forgotten meaning lost in this hectic world. Jazz legends, sound of trumpet and drums with deep vocal that … Continue reading Bohemian Crusaders

Retro Style

When I discovered photography I realized that we can recreate history’s most memorable moments while adding our own flavor. Fabulous dresses, red carpets, big cameras, flash bulbs, jet set – The American golden era , those 50’s and 60’s were the years… Glamour, beauty, awakening of artists still remembered today. Sparkling dresses, big microphones and … Continue reading Retro Style