Philini Leather, chrome and steel

Imagine wide opened roads, the wind in your hair, rumbling engine sound and freedom at your fingertips.

This could be a movie scene, stylish outlaw riding thru endless canyons looking for a place to spend the night on the long road to Las Vegas.

This powerful beast is not for the faint-hearted, it is carefully crafted in respect to its Triumph heritage with quality in mind.

Chrome shine is blinding, you could say it’s excessive, but it all comes together to form a work of art with its harmonic lines and perfect proportions.

You must pay your respect and ride in style, and we are riding today with Philini bags from Philini Munchen which comes as a perfect match and natural choice. Handcrafted, with attention to details, suitable for any occasion and made for real person – You!

Does this sound familiar?

Times have changed and quality products are getting harder to find but we are lucky that there are still people who are enthusiastic and driven to create something from their heart like yours truly – Nataly Bruner.

This is our vision, the art at work, blend of photography, beauty, style, cold steel and hot leather.

We will always do our best to support the values that we believe in and remember that the only limit is your imagination!!!

Many thanks to our friend Dejan Mitković for taming the steel beast and for his time!

Philini_bags 1Philini_bags 2Philini_bags 3Philini_bags 4Philini_bags 5Philini_bags 6Philini_bags 7Philini_bags 8Philini_bags 9philini bags 11Philini_bags 10

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  1. Amazing photos!
    Have a happy weekend.


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